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Hi, I'm Rahul Nain! A product management enthusiast currently working at Investment, Wealth Management and Stock Broking firm (BFSI & Broking)) as PM Intern with 5 months of product management Intern experience in Banking - NBFC (Lending, Digital Gold Saving - B2B2C) fintech sector with past 2 years of entrepreneurship experience.'Entrepreneur | Product Manager | FinTech | I.T Engineer'

Nothing interests me more than people who are pursuing or building something which is changing the world in its very own way; feel free to drop me a message!

Product Management

Product Management (FinTech - NBFC)

● Created PRDs and UAT testing regarding Account Aggregator, Credgenics, Bank statement analyzer.
● Responsible for the enhancement of existing RMS (Risk Management System) platform.
● Created Product SOPs regarding lending products.
● Skillls: FinTech · ClickUp · Webengage · MixPanel · MetaBase · Postman API · Product Management · Agile Methodologies · Swagger · SQL · Excel · eNACH

Product Management (BFSI & Broking)

Implemented Reverse Penny Drop solution and replaced with existing penny drop system to increase its success rate.Introduced Account Aggregator solution to activate FnO, and replaced existing bank statement upload system.Implemented Joint Account Mutual Fund KYC onboarding, and enabling a complete new target market segment.

Product Lead Growth

Curated Deep Dive into the world of Product-Led Growth from seasoned product leaders, who are the stalwarts of the growth of various products like Stripe, Twitter, Walmart, Coinbase, Meta, etc:- Growth Models & Acquisition
- Activation & Retention
- Pricing & Monetisation
- Growth Models & Acquisition
- Activation & Retention
Skills: Growth models · PLG framework

Side Projects!



Founder's Club. Global 🌍 Community of Entrepreneurs 🚀 Product Hunt rank #1Don’t be alone when there’s a global network of entrepreneurs community you can be part of.A set of curated initiatives and an exclusive private group for early-stage, mid-stage, and seasoned founders. Join Now, it's FREE!



Launch Your Website, MVP, Landing Page Without code.Launch without code helps you to reach out to your customer quickly, and lets you build the right product.Don't ever try to "cook" the perfect product!
Inspired by the book "The $100 Startup"



FlightPayy.com allows you to book a flight for a fraction of the cost upfront, when prices are cheaper and pay the remaining balance in installments before your departure date.No credit card or credit check required.Ultimately, we aspire to revolutionize the way people plan and pay for their trips.

PM Case Studies


WhatsApp UPI Payment

Whatsapp released the feature of ‘UPI Payments’ a couple of years ago but apps like PhonePe, Google Pay, and PayTM are far ahead with a lesser reach than Whatsapp.How can we increase the monthly WhatsApp UPI Payments volumes by 5 times? Assume there are no regulatory hurdles.


Payment Gateway

You are a Product Manager in one of India's largest Paymet Gateway. Over the past month, the success rate of transactions on your payment gateway has dropped to 92% from 98%.Detail a structured analysis to pinpoint possible issues and articulate the problem clearly - backing your reasoning strongly


Mutual Fund

Launching a new module that will help individuals invest in mutual funds.a) Share a high-level customer journey of the same including the flow and process.
b) Build a set of APIs that can be consumed by a business that wants to launch investments on their app including payments.


Card Saving App

Imagine you are a PM at Safexpay and have been instructed to design the consumer facing app to help the end consumers of our Payment Aggregation business monitor their transactions, manage their saved cards and check the status of refunds etc. Make the app as comprehensive as possible with
options to monetise it.


Amazon Drop-off

As a product manager overseeing the purchase flow on Amazon e-commerce, from the moment a user enters a product listing page to the point of making a purchase.- If your purchase conversion declined by 5% week over week (WoW), how would you analyze the factors contributing to this impact?


Airport Case

This was a tricky situation as Frankfurt Airport was notoriously big and confusing. In the worst-case scenario, she might need up to 15-20 min to reach the gate allocated to her.Fact that she didn’t know German was not helping either. Anyway, She realized she has few options.




FinTech, especially digital payments, is a fascinating space. More than trillion dollars’ worth of digital payments are done, and we are ‘just getting started’. Online payments space is attractive and intriguing to many.A beginner’s guide for FinTech enthusiasts and professionals to understand the basics of India’s payments ecosystems.

The anatomy of the swipe

The Anatomy of the Swipe

Have you ever wondered what happens during a swipe of a credit card? Every major tech company will become a payments company.- How does money move from my credit card to my favorite coffee shop?
- How can I build a neo-bank?
- How can I build my own debit or credit card?
- How can I accept card based payments?

Tech Simplified

Tech Simplified

Anyone working with software developers will find it hard to connect and communicate if they don't understand tech. There are other benefits to understanding tech too. You can build empathy for the development team working day and night with you. This creates mutual trust and respect, which makes it easy to work and get work done. Having tech understanding also helps in building your confidence as a PM.

Online Courses

MIT OpenCourseWare

FinTech: Shaping the Financial World

This course about financial technology, or FinTech, is for students wishing to explore the ways in which new technologies are disrupting the financial services industry—driving material change in business models, products, applications and customer user interface.- By MIT OpenCourseWare

Wharton Online

Entrepreneurship Specialization

Wharton's Entrepreneurship Specialization covers the conception, design, organization, and management of new enterprises. This five-course series is designed to take you from opportunity identification through launch, growth, financing and profitability.- By Wharton Online

Y Combinator

Startup School

Learn how to build a top startup - from the same people who helped Airbnb, Doordash, Stripe, Reddit, and Coinbase get started.
Innovation, Growth Mindset, Goal Oriented, Strategic Planning, Presentation, Communication, Negotiation, Agile, Scrum, Digital Marketing, MVP Development
- By Y Combinator

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